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Don't ignore these simple car maintenance tips

There are a few pieces of car care you simply cannot ignore without the risk of putting your car, yourself or others in possible danger.

Thankfully, our advice is as simple as the few regular steps you need to take:-

  • -Tyres: Run your hands along the tyre thread. You'll feel a 'marker'. Worn down past this? You might be tempted to wait a payday or two...but don't. Wet NI roads just love sending aging tyres into a spin. Call us to get the wheel checked and fast.

  • -Brakes: Can gradually wear down while you barely notice. If they don't feel sharp they could let you down. We'll take a look. Just ask.

  • -Timing belts: If you've never heard those two words when your car is being served it is time to get in touch! Timing belt failure can destroy your car's engine and is very, very preventable. Some used cars don't even need a belt but you need to know either way.

  • -Oil: If you run too low your engine really, really won't be pleased. Use the dashboard reading and the old-fashioned 'dip and rag' to read where things stand. Simple and extremely necessary.

  • -AirCon: A surprising one, neglect to keep your filters free and you might find your car windows refusing to clear of ice properly. Leaving you waiting in the cold and unsafe if you lose patience waiting drive off early.

  • -Screenwash: One of the easiest things to keep an eye on, or else you risk ending up suddenly unable to keep an eye on anything much when you're driving.

  • -Tyres (again): Forgotten to check the pressures lately? Modern, powerful cars like Audi, Mercedes ( and BMW models - like all cars - are sensitive to this due to power steering being the norm. Stop and top-up. You'll feel the difference immediately and be safer too.

The final - and most important - step? Keeping on top of the servicing of your car helps keep on top of these, and many more, risks by making sure your car gets a regular, expert check-up.

After all, we've been providing and maintaining used cars in Belfast for decades...with generations of repeat customers trusting Auto Q and dozens of online recommendations.

If in doubt, contact us without delay.