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Sale or Return

Sale or Return

For many customers, Sale or Return is the perfect balance between selling your car privately and selling to a dealer outright or as a part-exchange. You wouldn't sell your house yourself, you leave it to the experts to make sure you achieve the best possible value available in the market and with the security of knowing they follow a procedure. After all, a single mistake can be costly and with a great online presence, we guarantee to get your car in front of thousands of potential buyers.

We offer a range of benefits to the end user that a private seller simply cannot.

  • Competitive finance packages; 79% of used vehicles across the UK are now bought on finance. If you don't offer finance, which we're guessing you don't, then you are ruling out 4 of 5 potential buyers.
  • Part-exchange; more than half of customers have a part-exchange car. If you don't take part-exchange, you are asking the buyer to sell their car before buying yours or putting out all the cash available to buy your car then try to sell theirs. The chances are they will look elsewhere to somewhere that will take it.
  • Warranty; As vehicles manufacturer warranties expire, customers expect a used car warranty for additional peace of mind. We are pleased to offer all our customers up to 60 months platinum warranty cover on all vehicles at Auto Q. Don't forget when your vehicle has an issue they'll come knocking on our door for repairs, not yours.
  • Additional products; The vehicle only makes up part of the package a customer expects when buying their new vehicle nowadays. Particularly when financing their new car, they can consider service plans, GAP insurance, paint protection, trackers & alloy wheel protection and build the costs into their monthly payment which keeps their expenses on the vehicle to a minimum over the next number of years. With you offering the vehicle alone with no additional protection or cover, the vast majority of potential buyers will feel they need to go elsewhere to get the package they had in mind.
  • Peace of mind; For most people their car is the second biggest purchase they will ever make in their lifetime (behind a house). Nowadays cars purchased represent a huge amount, often 2 or 3 times somebody's annual income. Parting with that money is the scary part, it's no wonder the vast majority of buyers prefer to  buy from a reputable dealer. Only the most daring (or crazy) buyers will want to bank transfer tens of thousands in to a total strangers bank account.

It's easy to see why a buyer prefers to purchase their car via a reputable dealer, but that's not where the benefits to you as a seller ends. We don't only open the door to up to 90% of buyers that you were excluding, we also offer you as the seller the following:

  • Superb value; We don't know what your plans are with the cash you release from the car but we are sure they are very important. For that reason, we will work with you to get a price that gets you every penny you can. When we first inspect your car, we agree a return figure - this is the figure that we guarantee to return you once the vehicle has been sold.

This is what we guarantee: 

  • Speed of sale; Statistics show us that on average it takes a private seller 87 days to sell their vehicle, significantly longer than the 42 day average at Auto Q.
  • Advertising costs; We cover all advertising costs across all our online advertising portals. This allows you to keep your advertising costs in your pocket and let us do the hard work.
  • Safety & Convenience; Time wasters, fraudsters, no shows, inconvenient viewings, time off work, silly offers and complete strangers arriving to your family home. These are just a few of the complaints we hear from customers who have tried to sell their car privately. Let us deal with the sale of the car and you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy.
  • No sale, no fee; If we don't sell your car at the pre-agreed price, it will be returned to you at absolutely no cost. Furthermore, it will be stored at our secure premises under 24 hour CCTV throughout the process and covered under our extensive motor trade insurance policy.