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APR '21 UPDATE: We are Open and now available for unaccompanied test drives. Bodyshop and workshop remain open as usual.

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Auto Q Sale or Return Service

Auto Q is a company motivated by passion and love for cars. Since opening our doors in 1986, we have built a strong customer base due to the pride in our service and the pride in our cars we offer.

We are located just 1.1 miles from Belfast Central Station, 1.2 miles from Belfast City Centre and just 3.3 miles from Belfast George Best City Airport, convenient for customers travelling from across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We stock over 50 quality, hand-picked cars and we are not tied to any one manufacturer or brand which enables us to offer completely impartial buying advice. This unbiased advice also means that you can be assured that we have the freedom to select only the very best quality vehicles of any marque.

Auto Q


  • FINANCE: statistics show that 85% of used vehicles are purchased via a finance agreement. If you don't offer finance, then you are ruling out 4 in 5 potential buyers.
  • PART EXCHANGE: More than 55% of our customers have a part-exchange towards their new car. If you don't offer part exchange, you are basically asking your buyer to sell their car before they are in a position to buy yours, which will delay the sale process. Most will more than likely look elsewhere for somewhere that will take it.
  • WARRANTY: As vehicles manufacturers warranties come to an end, customers often want extended warranty for peace of mind. We offer all customers the opportunity at the time of sale to extend their warranty for up to 5 years. Should your vehicle have any issues in the next 12 months they would be knocking on your door, not ours if you sell privately.
  • INSURANCE PRODUCTS: The customer's new vehicle only makes up part of the package a customer expects now a days. With service plans, GAP Insurance, Paint Protection, Vehicle Trackers and Alloy Packages to name a few, by offering the vehicle alone with no option to have the additional products they had in mind, the majority of your potential buyers will feel the need to shop elsewhere to get the full package they had in mind.
  • PEACE OF MIND: For most people, their car will be the second largest purchase they will make in their lifetime (behind a house) and now more than ever, a car will represent a huge amount - sometimes up to 2 or 3 times somebody's annual income. It's no wonder the vast majority of buyers wish to purchase from a reputable dealer.
  • SPEED OF SALE: Auto-Trader and UsedCarsNI tell us that on average a private seller takes up to 67 days to sell their car, significantly longer than the 35 day average here at Auto Q.
  • SAFETY AND SECURITY: Time wasters, fraudsters, no shows, days off work/inconvenient viewing times and realistic offers. These are just some of the complaints we hear from customers who have tried to sell privately. We assure you that we handle the whole process from start to finish.


Although we advertise through Auto Trader, only 4.6% of our car sales are achieved through their website. The remaining 95.4% come through various other channels that we advertise through:

  • Search engines
  • Other car advertising portals; UsedCars NI, CarGurus,, CarLoverNI
  • Key words on Google
  • Auto Q customer database with weekly stock updates emailed out to over 3000+ subscribed customers
  • Social media platforms
Auto Q


Are you missing out a larger sales audience?

85% of used car buyers are using a finance product to fund their purchase opposed to cash! At Auto Q, we tailor a finance package to enhance the chance of selling your car and most importantly, to suit the end users needs.

  • Strong relationship with 7 finance companies including two brokers
  • Up to 7-year finance plans
  • Finance companies available irrespective of customer credit score
  • Hire Purchase Agreement
  • Personal Contract Purchase Agreement
  • Lease Purchase Agreement

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