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APR '21 UPDATE: We are Open and now available for unaccompanied test drives. Bodyshop and workshop remain open as usual.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Minor damage harms the resale value and appearance of your car.

We are specialists in "SMART" car body and alloy wheel repair, meaning a big saving on replacement wheels or accident repair and a boost for the value of your car!

We're fully equipped with a dip tank, sand-blasting, spraying booth and a high-end special compressor as well as DeVilbiss spray guns - only the best for your vehicle.

For more information please contact us via telephone on 028 9073 2193 or

1. Tyre Removal
Tyres are removed from all wheels and the wheels are then inspected for damage that will require fixing prior to painting.
2. Chemical Wash
The wheels are then placed in a chemical bath to remove the current paint on the alloy.
3. Hot Water Wash and Dry
The wheels are washed using hot water to remove any remaining chemicals and oven dried prior to preparation.
4. Wheel Blasting
The wheels are then blasted to prepare the surface prior to repairing any damage.
5. Damage Repair
Any damage noticed at the beginning of the process is then repaired such as kerbing, scuffs etc.
6. Painting
The wheels are painted in our spray booth to the colour chosen by the customer.
7. Diamond Cutting
If diamond cutting is required on the alloy, it will be carried out at this stage.
8. Finishing
The wheels are then lacquered, polished and tyres refitted again - we ensure the same tyre goes back onto the correct alloy for even wear.
9. Final Inspection
All wheels are thoroughly inspected when complete to ensure they exceed customer expectations.