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Eight of the best! Conor's top Auto Q cars of 2017

As our very own Big Jim often tells customers: we aren't here to keep cars, we're here to sell cars.

Eight of the best! Conor's top Auto Q cars of 2017

That means Auto Q will wave hello and goodbye to countless cars - plus the odd van! - of all shapes and sizes every month. And all that we ask in return is the thanks of our happy (repeat) customers.

Our 'Global Marketing Director and Van Driver' Conor Johnston picks out some personal favourites from the range of cars seen at Auto Q so far this year...

Audi TT 2.0 TFSI: How much driving pleasure can you find for the least amount of money...and still do the school run?! The TT isn't far off driving perfection. Auto Q had a 2.0 petrol TT on sale for just under £8,000. It could be the best feeling of handling and balance you can find in a relatively family-friendly form in that price range. Really suits the diesel version too.

BMW Coupe (any): Be it the M3 sold by Auto Q or a 325, they all have that unique feel and road-holding. If you see a really smart M Sport on the Auto Q website act fast...I might nip in first!

Mazda MX5: If a car does at least one thing so beautifully, it's hard not to love seeing one pass into stock and onto a customer. The Toyota Mr2 is becoming rare and the GT TF is long gone, but the MX5 still rules the affordable roadster world.

Mini: Very, very few modern cars capture the spirit of their classic grandparent like one of these. And even fewer do it with the style of the Mini. Solid, fun and effortless to drive too. Wonderful. Suits a diesel engine well and will bring a lot of smiles at a great price.

VW Transporter van: Need to lug work gear but without compromising quality and even style? Jackpot. Our VW vans don't stay with us for long, always a great find.

Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 Ralliart: This 2010 car had 238bph, an auto 'box and STILL found room for the kids and golf clubs too (if you're so inclined). A rare treat for a lucky owner.

VW Golf GTD: Possibly the ultimate all-rounder? A breeze to drive, beautifully made and with power on tap every time you need it. Yes, the GTI has that addictive engine burble, but the GTD brings the best of all worlds to your driveway. Next time we have one call in for a test drive quickly ;)

Mercedes CLK350 Sport: One of my favourite Auto Q cars (at the time of writing) is still in stock. Have you ever stepped into a car and found it fits like a glove and drives like an extension of your arms? That's the CLK350. The perfect weekend car for an appreciative connoisseur AND yours for £6,995. Wonderful.

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We're proud to be different: the Auto Q promise is a friendly welcome, a relaxed approach with no pressure selling. Our devotion to those happy, returning customers has made us a trusted name for over 30 years. Call us - we're here to help.

Eight of the best! Conor's top Auto Q cars of 2017