Meet our team

Meet our team

Jim McCormick, Managing Director

"Yes, of course we can - let's have a quick meeting and get it done"

  • Over 30 years of bringing great service to the industry, operating dealerships for Mercedes and more
  • His Bond character name? Dr Yes 
  • Proud to call Auto Q a family business

Brian Campbell, After-Sales Manager

"Treat every car like it's your own" 

  • Car service perfectionist
  • Golf club regular - including the 19th 
  • We'd say he's forgotten more about cars than we know, except he never forgets! 

Craig McCormick, Business Manager

"Wait'llyehear what I did in the gym today!" 

  • Happy customers mean a happy Craig 
  • Industry professional with a grip on compliance, finance and more 
  • Fitness class-addict, family man and former all-Ireland golfer 

Chris Squance, Business Development Manager

"Where there's a will there's a way" 

  • Auto Q newbie and car finance specialist - loves to find the right fit with zero fuss
  • His (very) young family means even a busy showroom is a welcome break!
  • A lifelong petrolhead who has been impressing Auto Q customers since day one