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Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than the cure

There are a few pieces of car care you simply cannot ignore without the risk of putting your car, yourself or others in possible danger.

More often than not, I get a phone call from friends and family saying I need to book my car in for a service because it's not starting or its not running right etc. At this stage a service will more than likely not cure the problem but the lack of service could have caused the problem. The old saying comes to mind ""look after it and it will look after you.' I know with the fast pace of life these days, it's easy to say I'll do it tomorrow and ignore the service light or the warning light on the car but the reality is that the light is on for a reason and it needs attended to.

If the warning light that comes on is orange, its cautionary and needs looked at in the immediate future especially to prevent any possible further damage. It might not affect the driving of the car and could be something as silly as a faulty sensor but the light lets you know you have an issue somewhere that needs attended to.

If the light is red, STOP immediately as driving the car on will cause further damage. A red light is normally a serious malfunction and my advice is always stop and seek advice from your local garage. It could be a warning that your brake pads are getting low and will need changed imminently or it could be something more sinister - the engine oil is dangerously low or the timing of the engine has skipped and could destroy other parts within the engine so if it's a red light, stop immediately and seek advice - either consult your handbook or call us 02890732193.

The majority of cars these days will tell you when your car is due for service so don't ignore it and book it in for service ASAP as it could possibly prevent potential problems from occurring. A car is like your body, you feed it well and look after it with the right amount of sleep and maintenance and the less likely the chance of problems. You can't run your body without eating and without giving it the right fuel constantly or you pick up colds and ailments, the same goes with cars - keep it well fuelled and maintain it with the right parts and you're doing everything you can to prevent breakdown or mishaps.

We have a range of car services and vehicle services in Belfast that can prevent further issues and keep your car well maintained. As an example a wheel alignment can prevent your tyres from wearing unevenly and therefore prevent premature change of tyres. We have invested a lot of money into equipment to make jobs easier and faster for us therefore saving you money on the time spent on a car. Feel free to call in At Autoq Belfast and see any of the equipment or call us for advice or prices.

  • Tyres - punctures, replacement, wheel balance, alignment including vans and 4x4's
  • Batteries - testing and replacement
  • Servicing - Cars, Vans, Motorhomes
  • Air conditioning services - diagnostics, refills,
  • Diagnostics - latest equipment which has capabilities of Audi/BMW/Mini franchises
  • Engine replacements
  • Clutch/Flywheel/Gearbox/Turbo replacements
  • Courtesy Vehicles (subject to availability)
  • Collection and delivery of your vehicle
  • Hassle free MOT - we collect your car, book your MOT, take it to the test and return it to you and don't charge a penny for this service. We only charge for the MOT check (£45 plus Vat) and the MOT test fee of £30.50 which is applicable anyway. If there is any other work needed for MOT, we call for authorisation before doing any work.