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The thing we *beeping* hate about cars

By Conor, Auto Q Marketing Manager

Things we *beeping* hate about cars

We love cars, and we love selling cars to people who'll love their Auto Q car!

But here's something we'll admit: lots of us - like you? - have our own pet hate when it comes to the vast choice of cars we see.

For me, it's cars that bing and beep non-stop for weird and wonderful reasons.

Just today, I drove a small car with the charming habit of binging over and over - without end - when I was reversing with the seat-belt off (on our own site and for a good reason, in this case). Oh, and then binging LOUDER AND LOUDER because I didn't stop. Sure, it's not as if I was busy doing something important…like reversing.

Then there was the SUV which ran one bing into another - low fuel, door open, not sitting up straight, forgetting to brush your hair - before repeating the whole lot in a cycle. It was like driving with some X Factor singer on helium screeching while kicking the back of your seat every few seconds to make sure you aren't actually concentrating.

A documentary years ago showed how one of the Stobart transport family complained that a brand new, VERY high-end 4x4 he'd custom-specified would have to have all the blips and clicks taken out. Or else.

And quite right too.

While older cars and some manufacturers seem to only make the minimum of finger-wagging noise when they really have to, cars from some brands seem keen to have a stern word about your behaviour as often as possible.

My favourite? Those older cars, as they tend to give good bing (that is, as close to 'not at all' as possible) and leave you alone to do things like go wild reversing belt-free with reckless - and silent - abandon.

The lesson for our valued, car-buying regular customers? We drive countless cars every week. We want to hear from you about the things you hate from a car as much as the things you love. After all, we want you to love the car we help you pick or find for you.

Tell us your four-wheeled wish list - and pet hates too - and we'll find the right one for you.

And even which ones to *beep*ing avoid.

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