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McCormick's View: Electric cars...great news for petrolheads

McCormick's View: The good (and bad) about electric cars you can't avoid

So, we'll all be plugging our cars in for a charge in the future. There's no getting away from it.

What we can do is look at the positives... and there are plenty of them!

Sunday cars: It seems that more plug-in cars will mean more Sunday cars in the future. If you have virtually no fuel bill - let's say a saving of £200 - £300 per month - why not keep a wee MX5 or something fun tucked away for non-commuting fun on the road.

Manufacturers: It is fair to say manufacturers have made some joyless electric cars designed for people who don't like cars too much. But here's the good news, take one look at a Tesla or a BMW i8 and you'll see a return to cars made to stir the emotions. When you see adverts for almost ANY new car you almost always see the car being sold as a desire item to be driven for pleasure. This is the space where the brands like to operate and this is where we'll see some more exciting driving machines coming our way.

New tech: When car makers need to innovate, we get to enjoy the fruit of their labours. With the i3, for example, you can see BMW designers in the mood to break the mould. Let's see the manufacturers get themselves into an innovation war. Fun times.

Classics: Whether you already have a Golf GTi, or anything really with a great non-EV engine, these cars will be prized in years to come. You can tuck one away now or wait until later, but either way you'll be glad you did.

No rush... Yet: Government rules about getting non-electric vehicles off the road in the future still mean we'll be seeing plenty of hybrid cars. And we won't be ringing in the changes for some time. There's plenty of chance to enjoy the cars you love, watch how things progress and keep in touch with Auto Q to stay one step ahead when it matters. Have fun!

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