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Buying a used car in Belfast? How to choose your perfect match!

Auto Q Marketing Manager Conor looks at how to find your ideal four-wheeled partner

At Auto Q we're at our happiest when customers - old and new - drive away in their perfect car.

Some customers give their new car a name, some send a card to thank Auto Q for our help and many recommend the Auto Q difference (that is, our helpful and no-pressure approach) to friends.

But how do you find that ideal car for you?

A few tips from the car nuts of Imperial Drive who spend all day, every day, in and around the hundreds of makes and models of cars you could choose from...


Ultimately, you either enjoy driving a specific car or you don't. While BMW will have a distinctive driving feel compared to - say - an Audi.

So many factors count towards this: the seating position, how heavy the steering feels, how well and how much you can see from the car and much more.

The best way to find out what's best? Just ask! Auto Q's specialist team of Jim, Craig and Chris know their rear-wheel drives from xDrives and their manuals from their semi-autos.

Most of all, they know how every possible variation in car spec could make a difference to how your next car will drive compared to your own tastes.

AND you can try and test your way around our superb range with nothing more or less than our trademark friendly and relaxed welcome.

Buying a used car


How long will you be spending in your car? Are you settling in every day for a long wait on the Westlink or a spell in the car stuck on the rush hour M2?

Buying a used car in Belfast means taking account of everyday driving of your used car in Belfast!

How far do you drive? Along twisty, empty roads or bumper-to-bumper twice a day?

Those creature comforts - like heated seats and leather, upgraded sound system and aircon - can make a big difference. Which do you need if possible and which are a 'must have'?

Just tell us when you visit and we'll help pick some great options from our choice of cars.


Do you live in a huge hill? Have a growing family? Go off-road fror country events or need space for three in the back to take your turn with the car-share?

Every car brand - including premium names like Mercedes and Audi - will make a model to suit your needs.

A small, powerful coupe might struggle with a steep uphill in the depths of winter while a larger car with two extra seats in the back might both be factors to consider to design-in the answer to the way you live before you drive away!

We've been helping people to buy their perfect used car in Belfast for generations. Just ask for our advice, and we'll fall back on decades of experience to find solutions...not problems.

Audi TT - Auto Q, Used Cars in Belfast


Some drivers like to feel a car working through a tight bend while others want to cruise in comfort. How tight is parking where you live and work? Do you prefer to sit down inside a car, sports-style, or up high with a clear view.

The balance between sporty handing - from, say, a peerless VW Golf Gti or a sharp-driving Audi TT - and the comfort of an SUV or people-carrier is sometimes balanced really well by the right estate car or Range Rover Sport or larger German car.

The trick is getting that balance just right. And making sure things like parking sensors and visibility are just as you need them.

Instead of pressurising you to make a choice, at Auto Q you can browse a selection of all types of car to get the blend of sports and comfort just right.

We won't be breathing over your shoulder and we won't be pushing you towards one car. We're proud of our hand-picked selection...and want you to have the time to find out what's great about every day for your exact tastes.


Choosing a used car in Belfast is a complex mix of running costs and different Road Tax charges and maintenance costs (ie, things like tyres and servicing)...but it doesn't have to be.

Our expert team ( specialise in understanding how each of these factors will impact your pocket for your exact circumstances. One car might have a higher cost upfront but be easy to fuel, while one might be more expensive to maintain but cheaper upfront.

How to get this right? Simply ask the specialists! We want to help our customers find the right car because we know a happy driver will tell others about their great Auto Q experience.

We have finance options available in-house AND in some cases we can even offer 'sale or return' of your old car to help get the most value towards your new purchase.

At Auto Q, our cars are very competively priced and hand-choosen meaning if you are in the Republic of Ireland or GB you might find we have the car you've been looking for at a price you can't miss! We can help with advice for your visit to see our stock in Belfast. We have a delivery service available too.

A warranty, meanwhile, protects your pocket and helps prevent any surprise costs...making it easier to enjoy your new pride and joy with peace of mind!

The reason a warranty is so important is simply: a modern vehicle is extremely complex with thousands of sophisticated moving parts. Which means that, should things go wrong; the cost of repairs can sometimes come as a shock.

At Auto Q we offer an extended warranty of 12, 24 or 60 months comprehensive cover - this covers parts, labour and diagnostics. When you extend your warranty, you not only receive a longer period of cover but also an increased claims limit to ensure any issues that may arise will be covered under the warranty.

Prior to collection, all our vehicles undergo a rigorous 103 point Pre-Delivery Inspection; this ensures both us as the dealer and you as the customer that not only is everything checked in the vehicle but that the vehicle is to a satisfactory standard. Each vehicle is serviced to manufacturer's requirements and all vehicles are sold with a minimum of 3 months MOT. If a vehicle has less than 3 months MOT, it will be delivered with a full 12 months.

As part of our after-sales service, we even have a fleet of courtesy vehicles that can be booked to ensure you are kept on the road should your vehicle be required to be left with us for repairs.


You might find it easy to browse our range of used cars in Belfast and skim past a car with higher mileage or older than you usually drive.

But here's the thing: knowing the history of a car will help see that an older/ higher-mileage car with a great history can often be equal to - or better - than a younger car seen elsewhere without the servicing history (and more) we'll have to hand at Auto Q.

All Auto Q cars are hand-picked specifically for our customers because we know the types of car our loyal network of returning customers will love and - most of all - we know the high standards they have come to expect.

Our cars will come with servicing history, HPI check and much more. We often even resell cars originally provided by Auto Q and maintained by us every since! We aren't a 'car supermarket' and we won't drop our standards in the choice of cars available to you.


Almost anyone can list a car for sale online, but Auto Q offers our established presence at our large Belfast site close to the city centre.

Not only this, but we offer a superb range of services to support you and your new car: from well-priced servicing to alloy wheel and minor bodywork repair to window tinting.

After all, a subtle window tint could boost the value and appearance of your new pride and joy.

The service is offered as we now incorporate the reputed JK Window Tints and are proud to offer window tinting expertise at a competitive price.

Why us?

  • In-house specialist with over 8 years experience
  • Evening and weekend availability
  • The reassurance of Auto Q...a trusted family business

With all this expertise on-site, we'll be here to help at every stage of enjoying your car.

Oh, and don't forget to ask about our 'Easy MOT' service: we'll book, prep and take your car for MOT. This means you can simply drop your car in with us in the morning and let us take care of the entire MOT process!